Git Remote Add Upstream – fatal: remote upstream already exists

While attempting to add as an upstream something went awry and I was constantly presented with the error:

fatal: remote upstream already exists


OK, but when I tried to fetch the upstream it failed with:

fatal: ‘upstream’ does not appear to be a git repository


Being new to git this took a little while to figure out, but I thought I’d document it in case it would be helpful for someone else.

Inside a repository you can check your remote repositories configured with:

git remote -v

From which I could see that my fork was correctly configured with a URL, but not the upstream


This can be corrected with:

git remote set-url upstream

and confirmed with again:

git remote -v


Subsequently, I was able to fetch the upstream:

git fetch upstream


6 thoughts on “Git Remote Add Upstream – fatal: remote upstream already exists

  1. Thanks for posting this fix! I’ve been using GitHub for Windows and this seemingly undocumented issue has been annoying the hell out of me.

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